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New Ready To Wear, Roll-On Essential Oils >
essential oils for your astrological sign Aquarius

Essential Oils for Your Astrological Sign: Aquarius

The Age of Aquarius is upon us and now is the time when that progressive, exciting, and visionary Aquarian energy will really start to flow. Aquarius born people are very private which can sometimes make them shy and quiet around others. They have a deep need to have some time alone and away from everything to restore their creativity and mental focus. Aquarians are deep thinkers and highly innovative people who are skilled at solving problems and may become easily bored without enough mental stimulation. Aquarians are free-spirited and are typically pioneering and assertive, not ones to sit by and wait for opportunities. This means that a big issue for them is the feeling that they are limited or constrained.

Whether utilized through aromatherapy or topical application, essential oils have long been known to have potent effects on our mental, emotional, and spiritual well being. This makes them great tools that can be used to complement or transform different elements of the Aquarius spirit.

These are the top 5 essential oils for Aquarius:

  • Ginger is a great balancing essential oil that can help you find your center when you may have your aquarian energy pulled in too many directions. It can also fight against mental fatigue and be emotionally uplifting.
  • Neroli is a powerful stress easing remedy for Aquarius that can also uplift the mind and spirit. The meditative quality of neroli essential oil is perfect for those more mentally orientated people.
  • Cinnamon can help focus the creative Aquarius mind and allow for more enhanced concentration on the task at hand. This essential oil also has immune-boosting properties to help you through the chilly conditions of the Aquarius season.
  • Rosemary is a great essential oil for strengthening mental energy when quick thinking is needed. Combining that with its ability to ease stress makes rosemary a great tool for natural problem solvers like Aquarians.
  • Chamomile is a comforting essential oil that encourages emotional availability and communication. It can be useful in helping energy flow to facilitate meaningful connections for the more introverted Aquarius.

More great essential oils for Aquarius include black pepper, cedarwood, clove, frankincense, juniper berry, pine, rose, and thyme.

Below are a couple of easy ways to utilize the powerful benefits of essential oils for your zodiac placement. 

be confident essential oil blend aquarius

Be Confident Roll-On

Aquarians can sometimes be introverted and have trouble opening up to new people. This can make them seem a little bit cold and distant at first meeting but deep down, they seek to make deep emotional and mental connections with others. A deep, woodsy blend of uplifting and confidence-boosting essential oils is a great tool to help an Aquarius break out of their shell.



Add the essential oils to the bottle. Fill the rest of the bottle to the top with fractionated coconut oil. Replace the rollerball and cap, gently shake, and roll across your skin. Apply this blend to wrists before social occasions or work events for the extra courage to show off that whimsical Aquarian spirit.


focus and innovate essential oil blend diffuser blend

Focus and Innovate Diffuser Blend

Aquarians are creative, imaginative thinkers and that means that they sometimes need help focusing their energies and balancing out the multitude of ideas and thoughts that may be running through their heads. Diffusing a spicy and sweet blend of concentration boosting essential oils is a great way to help harness the power of that free aquarian spirit and get things accomplished. 



Diffuse this blend in your favorite home diffuser when working on school work, working from home, or when doing a crafty hobby for a boost of mental clarity.


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