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Your Source for the Highest Quality, Pure Aromatherapy Grade Essential Oils, Massage and Fragrance Oils, Soapmaking and Incense Supplies. Cruelty Free.

Robert Seidel and The Essential Oil Company have been importing and distributing quality Essential Oils since 1977 when the essential oil source was established.  Relationships have been established for over 40 years with distillers worldwide for consistent, dependable quality.
Our customers can rest assured that Essential Oils purchased from The Essential Oil Company are the finest available
Those who practice Aromatherapy can feel confident when employing our Essential Oils in their practice. We supply Aromatherapists, Herbalists, Naturopaths, Chiropractors and Medical doctors as well as a wide variety of end users including food and beverage manufacturers, soapmakers and candlemakers. The Essential Oil Company is a Cruelty Free, Animal Friendly supplier. We neither condone nor support animal testing. 
Those interested in distillation; Please visit our Blog and share your experiences and photos.

Miniature Turkish StillDistill your own essential oils in our Portable Home Distiller.

New Alembic Distillers- hand made in the traditional fashion view the 40 liter Rotating Column Copper Alembic distiller
Certified Organic Essential Oils. These oils are Certified in accordance with international Organic standards, however, The Essential Oil Company is a certified Organic Tithe Handler
New Perfume Oils Popular Fragrance Types : Dragon's Blood, Pina Colada, Pineapple, Honey Dew, China Rain, Banana, Grape
Liquid Soap colorsLiquid Soap Colors, Soap Paints, Natural Mineral Salt Dyes Add colors to your bath salt and soaps with our new colorings
Blank Incense Cones finally back in stock!! High grade unscented incense cones for making your own incense. Manufactured from the byproduct of sandalwood oil distillation. More than 1000 cones per kilo. Buy by the case and save!
Distilling Lavender in a Rotating Column Copper Alembic with photos. More COPPER DISTILLERS hand hammered in Portugal. Beautiful and functional
Rose petals at the distilleryTurkish Rose Oil An exquisite essential oil distilled from rose petals in Isparta Turkey. Take a tour of Rose Oil Distillation.
The American College of Health Sciences, a State recognized College offers an excellent Aromatherapy course, along with a wide array of courses in botanical medicine. ACHS Students receive a 15%discount on everything, including Table Top essential oil distillers. (This offer excludes bulk items, which are already discounted) 
SUMMER SCHOOL in Greece!! Learn how to harvest and use Mediterranean plants while exploring the Island of Syros. Located in the heart of the Cyclades, Syros is a beautiful island. Explore the food and culture while learning about wild aromatic plants
Lotions, Creams and Gels all unscented by the gallon. Add your own fragrances to and create your own Aromatherapy gifts and products.

Coconut oilFractionated Coconut Oil A natural way to dilute essential oils
Distilling Lavandin and Lavender in Oregon. July is a busy month for The Essential Oil Company. Organic (uncertified) Lavandin Oil is now being offered. Our own distillation. 
Distillation the Old Fashioned Way. View Sage Oil distillation the way it's been done for hundreds of years. A small family distillery in Southern Turkey
The Essential Oil Company is pleased to offer Wilde & Company's "Florasols" produced by Dr. Peter Wilde in the United Kingdom . These exquisite oils capture the totality of fragrant materials, yielding a product true to the plants from which they are derived. Learn more about this revolutionary process.

Bath Salts coloringDead Sea Salts and Fine Natural Mineral Salts. Make your own bath salts by adding fragrances and colorings to these Natural Products.
Oil of Catnip found to be more effective than DEET against mosquitoes! 
View our past summer school studies in the Mediterranean on a Greek Island.  From 2005 - 2008, we instructed students overseas.

Liquid Castile Soap all natural, unscented.

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