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Mom's Signature Scent: Fragrance Oil Gift Set >
Mom's Signature Scent: Fragrance Oil Gift Set >

The Best Essential Oil Company

Your Source for the Highest Quality, Pure Aromatherapy Grade Essential Oils, Massage and Fragrance Oils, Soap making and Incense Supplies.


Robert Seidel and The Essential Oil Company have been importing and distributing quality Essential Oils since 1977 when the essential oil source was established. Relationships have been established for over 40 years with distillers worldwide for consistent, dependable quality.Our customers can rest assured that Essential Oils purchased from The Essential Oil Company are the finest available. Those who practice Aromatherapy can feel confident when employing our Essential Oils in their practice. We supply Aromatherapists, Herbalists, Naturopaths, Chiropractors and Medical doctors as well as a wide variety of end users including food and beverage manufacturers, soap makers and candlemakers. The Essential Oil Company is a Cruelty Free, Animal Friendly supplier. We neither condone nor support animal testing.

Founder, Robert Seidel, with Sacred White Sage

Best Essential Oil Company

Since 1977, The Essential Oil Company has been a proud purveyor of the best essential oils in the world. We’re the industry leader, and in fact, we are the original essential oil company.

For 45 years, The Essential Oil Company has taken care to cultivate long-standing global relationships with our customers, manufacturers, suppliers, and distillers. We’ve maintained these relationships since we began importing and distributing essential oils.

These relationships make it possible to deliver consistent, dependable, and reputable quality to our customers every time they order.

We’re proud of the reputation we’ve earned as the industry leader of essential oil companies, and we continue our tradition of distributing high-quality essential oils, private label services, handcraft provisions, and distillation equipment.

Who We Serve: Businesses and Consumers

When The Essential Oil Company was founded, we made a promise to always only source the highest quality and purest aromatherapy-grade essential oils and crafting supplies. As such, the relationships we have with everyone we do business with are our most important assets.

We proudly serve an enormous variety of customers, some of which include:




Medical doctors


Massage therapists


In addition, we also supply many different end users, including soap makers, candle makers, and food and beverage manufacturers. If you’re an individual consumer, welcome! We serve the needs of many home consumers, too.

It’s important to us that we uphold the traditions first put in place by our founder and president, Robert Seidel. As one of the leading essential oil companies in the world, we are proudly a cruelty-free, animal-friendly supplier; we do not condone, support, or perform animal testing.

Providing professionals, business owners, and health providers with the best essential oils is vital to us. When we are able to provide you with outstanding products, in turn, you are able to do the same for your customers, furthering a chain of business relationships built with links of trust, integrity, and quality.

We believe in delivering an outstanding experience every time a customer orders from us. We maintain strict standards for quality and strive to uphold our reputation for fantastic personal customer service.

Give us a call – you’ll be able to speak to an actual live person!

Our Beginning: Robert Seidel, Boy Scout and Nature Enthusiast

Robert Seidel’s education is in Forestry and Resources Management; he attended New York State Ranger School in upstate New York in the Adirondack Mountains. He attended Paul Smith’s College in Forestry, Syracuse University, and the College of Environmental Sciences and Forestry at Syracuse.

While he admits that it’s a little unusual for a guy from New York to go into such a specialization, he was a Boy Scout and has always had a love for the outdoors.

He spent much of his time camping in the woods and eventually discovered the New York State Ranger School, immediately fueling an insatiable curiosity and interest in the outdoors.

He soon learned that what intrigued him about forestry more than anything else was plant identification. He fostered expertise in dendrology, which is the study of trees and shrubs.

Although in forestry, he was taught that trees were for either making lumber or paper, he began to appreciate trees, plants, and shrubs for much more.

It All Began with the Balsam Fir Tree

Robert Seidel was enraptured with the beautiful amber resin balsam fir trees produce. He would repeatedly ask his instructors and professors if there was any way he could extract the material.

However, in the forestry industry back then, since there were no non-timber forest products, and everybody “knew” you either made paper or wood, he was always told there was no way to extract the balsam tree resin.

He wouldn’t take “no” for an answer, however, and we’re so glad! It was then that he started studying and extracting aromatics from plants. Forty-five years later, he says that extracting, distilling, and putting oils in little bottles is what he knows, and that’s what he uses to help people.

He enjoys sharing his knowledge of essential oils and uses it to benefit people in the hopes that they can also share it with someone else.

While he began his company as a pioneer of essential oil companies in 1977, Robert actually began studying essential oils in 1974. Thanks to his long history of distilling and production, as he explains, “I know at this point in my life – I know what a quality essential oil is.”

Seeing Is Believing

Robert Seidel personally visits the distillers and growers of the essential oils that he offers through The Essential Oil Company, in exotic places around the world. a practice we continue today. He personally knows the farmers and the distillers and understands what quality growing and distilling of essential oils entails.

He also knows that the products our company supplies include the best essential oils you can find anywhere.

The Essential Oil Company is passionate about bringing natural products to our customers and is dedicated to not only offering the best products, but also to sharing knowledge about those products.

Our company is unique in that we value transparency, education, safety, quality, and personal interaction as mainstays of our success. It’s an obligation, as the most trusted Essential Oil Company on Earth, that we are proud to meet.

The Best Essential Oils Only Come from the Best Suppliers

Since 1977, our commitment to product integrity has not faltered. We continue to be diligent about the quality of our products to ensure the safety and efficacy that our customers deserve and have come to expect from us.

We offer bulk pricing, wholesale pricing, and private label services, which means we are able to accommodate a wide variety of customers with many different types of needs and demands.

With Robert Seidel getting the ball rolling by building relationships with suppliers, growers, farmers, and distillers; we’ve now spent many decades maintaining those relationships in order to develop a steady, trustworthy supply chain for the best essential oils you’ll find on the market.

Our hand-crafted essential oils are used for everything from soap-making and herbalism to aromatherapy at home and professional patient care. We continue to visit our partners to ensure that the best essential oils are still produced with strict safety and quality standards in place.

We believe that our customers deserve the highest quality and best essential oils. This is why we have vetted all of our partners and suppliers.

The Best Essential Oils for the Best Customers

Whether you’re a small business, a large company, a manufacturer, or a home consumer, we are honored to do business with you. We treat all of our customers with the same high degree of respect, whether you purchase a single item or you buy in bulk quantities from us.

We are always able to customize orders, so if you need something that isn’t available on a quick order basis, contact us! You’ll talk with a real person, and we will be more than happy to customize your order exactly as you need it.

Our customers are at the heart of our business, our commitment to quality, and our mission to share our knowledge as well as our love of essential oils. We offer the perfect balance of high quality and affordable pricing, which is ideal for businesses of all sizes.

The Essential Oil Company is different from other essential oil companies because we are strict about only offering products that are derived from cultivated, wild, and certified organic plants.

Our diverse range of products offers our customers the opportunity to find everything they need all in one place, and we’re happy to be that place.

More than What the Basic Essential Oil Companies Offer

We are more than a company that supplies essential oils. We offer an impressive array of products for artisans, health experts, and anyone else in need of them. Some of the products our customers rely on us to provide include:

Single-oil products

Proprietary blends

Kits and sets


Bases and carrier oils

Fragrance oils

Raw materials

Distillation equipment

While our single-oil products are idyllic for many different uses, our blends make it easy to create complex scent profiles or a unique aromatherapy mood. We also carry health blends of oils devoted to immune system health, calm muscles, restful sleep, and more.

Essential Oil Kits and Sets

Our sets and kits are perfect if you’re in need of many different products; they are designed for those who want the convenience that pre-packaged combinations of items have to offer.

We offer sets of the best essential oils blends, and we have kits available that include diffusers along with our curated oils. We also offer CPAP infusion products, kits for kids, spa sets, and a huge variety of kits that can help you either add to your existing setup or start a brand-new one.


Our supply of diffusers features a wide range of materials, designs, shapes, and sizes. We have diffusers made of hand-blown glass, wood, and ceramic, for example. We have some that are bold and a work of art in their own right and others that are designed to blend in with the surroundings.

We are proud to offer the only diffuser designed for CPAP users, which can create a soothing experience that diminishes the presence of scents related to the machinery.

Bases and Carrier Oils

Many of our customers prefer to dilute essential oils with a carrier oil instead of alcohol. These bases and carrier oils have zero added fragrances, so they won’t interfere with the oils you intend to dilute. This purity ensures consistency and quality for your customers and users.

Oils and bases are ideal options for this purpose, and we carry a wide array of them, from shea butter and sweet almond oil to liquid Castille soap and natural beeswax pearls.

Fragrance Oils

Fragrance Oils can be used for soaps, perfumes, lotions, and candles.

The best essential oils for soaps, perfumes, lotions, candles, and the like are fragrance oils.

Fragrance oils are not designed for consumption and are meant to deliver aromatics to a variety of personal care or home scent products. 

Raw Materials

We have some consumers, partners, business owners, and other customers who rely on us for high-quality raw materials to act as delivery systems for fragrances and essential oils.

Some of the raw materials we offer include palo santo incense sticks, menthol crystals, camphor gum crystals, and others.

Distillation Equipment for the Best Essential Oils

Essential oil companies don’t always offer distillation equipment to their customers.

However, we know that some professionals make their own products, and they come to us for premium distillation equipment.

We offer copper and stainless steel stills made in the USA, hand-hammered copper equipment from Portugal, and more.

Browse our selection of everything from miniature desktop stills and Alembics to commercial-size units, 35-gallon and mini-tub steam systems for larger production capacity

Small Businesses and Private Consumers

While we routinely handle sizable orders on a bulk or wholesale basis for our large company customers, we also excel at fulfilling smaller orders, too. We can fulfill orders for individual bottles, a single diffusers, a couple of kits, or anything else you might need on a small scale.

Whether you use our products to create your own unique merchandise for your business or you’re planning on using them for private home use, you’ve come to the right place for the best essential oils in the world.

Private Label Services

We provide a full line of services for our customers who need their own branded products and also need a great solution for acquiring them. Our full-service private label program allows you the ease and convenience of ordering products branded for your business that will arrive ready to market!

When you sign up for our private label service, all you need to do to get high-quality products with your brand on them is to choose the products you want to order and provide us with your labels. We will do the rest of the work.

About Us: The Leader in Essential Oil Companies

As the original Essential Oil Company, we have not only survived for decades as a business but have also thrived, expanded, and grown during that time. As a mainstay in the essential oil import and distribution market, we’ve worked hard to build our reputation as the superior provider of effective, safe products that our customers trust.

We offer private label services, bulk pricing, wholesale pricing, and competitive single-item pricing so that any customer, whether a business or a household consumer, can benefit from the superior quality and efficacy that only the best products can provide.

Our customer service is truly one of our customers’ favorite things about us, too. When you need help, want to customize an order, have a simple question, or need anything else, pick up the phone and call us.

When you call, we’ll pick up the phone and talk to you! You won’t be stuck on a call with a robot, an endless menu of voice prompts, or anything that claims to be a virtual assistant.

We’re here to help you find what you need, and with 45 years under our belts and the drive to continue on strong, our reputation now speaks for itself. Essential oil companies that offer sub-par products, low-quality products, and have poor customer service commitment are those that flounder quickly.

Our longevity as the leader in Essential Oil Companies is a testament in itself to the way we do business and the degree to which our customers appreciate us and return to us time and time again.

Upholding Strict Quality Standards

While there are so many different uses for the best essential oils, as the leader in Essential Oil Companies, it’s our duty to remember that the use of our products always comes down to one general purpose – health and wellness.

When anyone uses a product to improve their health, whether it’s a natural throat spray, a massage therapy oil, or oil that supports relaxation and stress reduction, the quality must be no less than superior in order to provide healthy, safe, and effective results.

The surest way to minimize any potential risks of adverse reactions is to always use therapeutic-grade, high-quality, pure essential oils. We understand and believe in the importance of delivering consistent, reliable products every time our customers place an order, regardless of the size of that order.

We provide the best essential oils for our customers to create the best products for their own businesses and homes. We accept no less than the best, and our customers expect the same from us.

The Essential Oil Company

We are proud to support our customers with products that help their businesses grow, and we will continue to uphold the principles on which our company was founded 45 years ago.
The Essential Oil Company thanks you for trusting us with all of your needs, and we’re delighted to serve you with any size order you wish to place. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us to let us know how we can help you!

The Essential Oil Company
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