Essential Oils for Your Astrological Sign: Leo

As the sun moves into Leo, we can kick the moody and introverted feelings of Cancer and get fired up to find our creative flow. Leo season is an exciting time for self-expression, creativity, and most importantly, fun! This is the perfect time to fully express ourselves and find the inner confidence to be authentic and self-assured. 

Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac and is a fixed fire sign of positive polarity. Leo is symbolized by the lion which is the perfect mascot for this king of signs. Being a fire sign makes Leos passionate and dedicated and a fixed sign means they are not easily changed or swayed. Leos are ruled by the sun, the center of the solar system, and tend to see themselves at the center of the zodiac world. Leos are often stereotyped as being gregarious and open, loving to be the center of attention. These Leos exist in contrast to a nearly equal portion that is more quiet and shy. What unites these two different types of Leos is their desire to be seen as important and have their passions recognized. The key to the well-known Leo confidence is the feeling of being respected and admired. Leos are seen by friends and family to be generous and charming, with a strong sense of honor and fairness. Those with a Leo placement value family highly and have a particular affinity for children. They have a sense of childlike spirit and see the importance of nurturing and protecting children. Leos are born leaders, especially when it comes to business and their careers. They are highly ambitious and determined to succeed, making them great in management positions and leading important projects. Leos have confidence and passion that can sometimes make them come across as bossy and self-centered to others. They can often have a hard time sharing the limelight but benefit from the input and balancing energies of working with others. Leos are larger than life and that captivating and exuberant energy lends itself well to creative endeavors. They tend to thrive as writers, artists, and even comedians. 

Those with a Leo placement are charming, lively, and ambitious, expending a lot of mental and social energy in their daily lives and making them vulnerable to burnout. Essential oils have long been used to help us complement or balance out different aspects of our mind and spirit and can be used in aromatherapy and topical applications for those purposes.

Here are 5 great essential oils for Leo:

  • Cypress essential oil can help the ambitious and spirited Leo avoid succumbing to stress and maintain an uplifted mood. It works to ease tension and release the worries of the day to avoid becoming burnt out. 
  • Geranium essential oil can help to reel in the restlessness and anxiety that may affect the energetic and gregarious Leo. It uplifts the mood and promotes feelings of balance and optimism so they can tackle their latest endeavor with ease. 
  • Frankincense essential oil can help the creative and hardworking Leo give their full attention to all of their projects. It helps to improve memory and concentration while grounding the emotions for a clear and focused mind. 
  • Benzoin essential oil has energizing and uplifting properties that make the perfect compliment for the loud and proud Leo spirit. It encourages a positive mood while balancing emotions so their sunny personality can shine. 
  • Elemi essential oil can help to encourage the benevolence and generosity that make Leos beloved friends to many. It works to soothe and balance emotions while inspiring them to be the best version of themself. 

More great essential oils for Pisces include Cinnamon, Lavender, Chamomile, Neroli, Sandalwood, Jasmine, and Myrrh.

Below are a couple of easy ways to utilize the powerful benefits of essential oils for your zodiac placement

Foster Creativity Diffuser Blend

Foster Creativity Diffuser Blend

Leo is known for their creative minds and confident personalities but may sometimes have difficulty focusing that energy on projects or hobbies. Frankincense, cypress, and geranium essential oils come together to help get those creative juices flowing and focus that well-known Leo ambition on the task at hand.

Share the Spotlight Roll-On

Share the Spotlight Roll-On

Leos are natural-born leaders and have the ambition to spare but this can sometimes lead them to be a bit bossy or dismissive when working with others. Elemi and frankincense essential oils can help to balance out any self-focused feelings and foster feelings of collectivism and teamwork. 



Add the essential oils to the bottle. Fill the rest of the bottle to the top with fractionated coconut oil. Replace the rollerball and cap, gently shake, and roll across your skin. Apply this blend to wrists before group work or projects for help working collectively.