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New Ready To Wear, Roll-On Essential Oils >
New Ready To Wear, Roll-On Essential Oils >

The Best Essential Oil Company

Since 1977, The Essential Oil Company has been a proud purveyor of the best essential oils in the world. We’re the industry leader, and in fact, we are the original essential oil company.

For 45 years, The Essential Oil Company has taken care to cultivate long-standing global relationships with our customers, manufacturers, suppliers, and distillers. We’ve maintained these relationships since we began importing and distributing essential oils.

These relationships make it possible to deliver consistent, dependable, and reputable quality to our customers every time they order.

We’re proud of the reputation we’ve earned as the industry leader of essential oil companies, and we continue our tradition of distributing high-quality essential oils, private label services, handcraft provisions, and distillation equipment.

The Best Suppliers

With Robert Seidel getting the ball rolling by building relationships with suppliers, growers, farmers, and distillers; we’ve now spent many decades maintaining those relationships in order to develop a steady, trustworthy supply chain for the best essential oils you’ll find on the market.

Our hand-crafted essential oils are used for everything from soap-making and herbalism to aromatherapy at home and professional patient care. We continue to visit our partners to ensure that the best essential oils are still produced with strict safety and quality standards in place.

We believe that our customers deserve the highest quality and best essential oils. This is why we have vetted all of our partners and suppliers.

The Best Customers

Whether you’re a small business, a large company, a manufacturer, or a home consumer, we are honored to do business with you. We treat all of our customers with the same high degree of respect, whether you purchase a single item or you buy in bulk quantities from us.

We are always able to customize orders, so if you need something that isn’t available on a quick order basis, contact us! You’ll talk with a real person, and we will be more than happy to customize your order exactly as you need it.

Our customers are at the heart of our business, our commitment to quality, and our mission to share our knowledge as well as our love of essential oils. We offer the perfect balance of high quality and affordable pricing, which is ideal for businesses of all sizes.

The Essential Oil Company is different from other essential oil companies because we are strict about only offering products that are derived from cultivated, wild, and certified organic plants.

Our diverse range of products offers our customers the opportunity to find everything they need all in one place, and we’re happy to be that place.