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Top Essential Oils For Gardening >
Top Essential Oils For Gardening >

Unleash the Power of Private & White Labeling with The Essential Oil Company

With over 40 years of aromatic experience, The Essential Oil Company is your ultimate partner in launching your own line of essential oils. We provide a full-service private labeling program that is designed to make the process as effortless as possible.

Why Private or White Label?

Private or White labeling gives you control over the product, its quality, and its presentation. It allows your business to stand out with unique offerings, creating an exclusive customer experience.

Why Partner with Us?

Our program isn't just a service, it's a partnership. We offer:
Quality and Variety: Our 100% pure essential oils, essential oil blends, roll-on products, and carrier oils are globally sourced and of the highest quality.
Full-Service Solution: Simply choose your products and ship us your labels. We'll handle the rest.
Scalable Orders: Whether you’re ordering 50 units or 100,000+, we grow with you.
Quick Turnaround: Expect your private label products ready in 2-4 weeks, depending on the order size.