DIY Summer Perfume

Smell is tied to memory and fills us with so many emotions. Perfume is a great way to access those emotions and even give us confidence. Instead of using a chemical-filled, store-bought perfume that can cause sneezing and headaches, we suggest creating your own aroma to wear all day. It’s incredibly simple, affordable, and can be customized. Simply mixing a light, scent-free carrier oil with a personalized blend of essential oils into a roller bottle can give us the freedom to explore an expansive world of aroma.  

Choosing a Carrier Oil

Carrier oils are vegetable oils that are extracted from the fatty parts of the plants and don’t evaporate. We use these oils to add more nourishment to our recipe and to dilute the highly concentrated essential oils. When choosing a carrier oil for our perfume blends, we want to choose something lightweight and scent-free. Here are some great choices for perfume recipes:

happy in the summer sum summer perfume

Summer Essential Oils

Summer aromas are green, blooming, and inspire us to go out and seize the day. They are uplifting, energizing, and can encourage a feeling of confidence. Below is a list of essential oils we recommend to use for summer perfume recipes.

The Recipe

Creating our unique perfumes is extremely simple. Just follow this easy recipe and have fun!

What You Need:


  • Add your essential oils to the roller bottle. 
  • Fill the rest of the roller bottle up to the neck with a carrier oil.
  • Insert roller ball, place the cap on and shake until mixture is well combined.


skateboard essential oils

Here are some fun summer blends we’ve put together to get you started!

Summer Happiness

Just Beachy

Mojito Splash

Exotic Nights

Island Bliss

Summer Waves

Cool Sunrise

Summer Dreamin’


dreaming essential oils

Forest Retreat

Coastal Scene

Sunset Kisses


Summer Lovin’