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Sweet Almond Oil Refined

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Sweet Almond Oil Prunus amygdalus

Sweet Almond Oil Refined Prunus amygdalus is extracted from almonds using the cold press method and is known for being a great carrier oil. It has a very soft aroma and is similar to the the natural oils in human skin.

Known for its skincare properties, sweet almond oil is very popular in the cosmetic industry. Used externally it is in many lotions, creams, hair care products, and other moisturizers. Although it is more oily than other oils it can be applied directly on the skin to help itchy or dry skin. Also soothing for eczema, sunburns, and inflamed skin. Many massage and aromatherapy products contain sweet almond oil.

Sweet Almond Oil is used in cosmetic products, massage oils, aromatherapy products, and for baking.