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lavender for physical wellness

Lavender Essential Oil for Physical Wellness

When an illness or injury happens, many of us are triggered to start playing a more active role in our own physical wellness. If you are looking for natural and plant derived products with lower chances of adverse side effects that many pharmaceuticals have, essential oils are a great option. Essential oils have been used throughout history to not only combat illness and help heal injuries, but to also improve overall physical and psychological well-being. The most common ways to use essential oils to improve physical health are through inhalation or topical application. Most essential oil users inhale them to experience their psychological effects, such as stress relief or pain management, but aromatherapy with certain essential oils may also help improve respiratory health. Some studies have shown that inhalation has a quicker effect of distributing sedative properties of certain oils in the body. Those who use essential oils topically can do so to treat pain in a specific area or help with wound healing and skin health. The diluted direct application sends the beneficial properties of the oils directly to where they are needed. Each essential oil offers different properties and can be used to improve different aspects of your physical health, some oils even offering a long list of benefits.

Lavender essential oil possesses many benefits for physical wellness alongside its well known calming and soothing psychological effects. It can be used to combat pain as well as inflammation. It's function as a pain reliever comes from linalyl acetate and linalool, which are powerful anti-inflammatory components found in many essential oils. Studies have found aromatherapy using lavender essential oil to be an effective remedy for postoperative pain. Inhaling lavender is also effective for headache relief. Lavender also contains polysaccharides which are known to be potent in treating inflammatory diseases such as arthritis and rheumatism and the pain that comes along with them. Because of the anti-inflammatory effects of lavender essential oil, it may also help to improve asthma and other inflammatory respiratory issues. A study found that lavender essential oil had a positive impact on respiratory health, helping to relieve allergic inflammation. This also makes it helpful  in breaking up coughs and clearing sinuses. You can also enjoy the anti-inflammatory and healing benefits of lavender essential oil in topical applications. Applying lavender essential oil to the skin may play a role in treating blemishes and easing overall skin inflammation. The antioxidant activity of lavender can help to accelerate wound healing

These recipes offer a few ways to incorporate lavender essential oil into your wellness routine. Be sure to always dilute essential oils to the proper level and do a patch test before applying topically. 


healthy respiration essential oils

Healthy Respiration Diffuser Blend

Your home should be a place where you can breathe easy and allow your body to heal. After a long day out in a world full of unavoidable pollution and allergens you can relax and enjoy the soothing, respiratory supporting benefits of this lavender diffuser blend.



Diffuse this blend to help you combat inflammation during cold and flu season or when your respiratory system needs a little support from asthma or allergy symptoms.

Muscle Pain Massage Oil

muscle pain message oil essential oils

Massage is a great way to help ease inflammation and pain in your muscles. Adding pain relieving and anti-inflammatory essential oils, such as lavender, to your massage oil helps the oils to penetrate deeply into the muscle and make your massage more effective.



Add all the ingredients to a 4 ounce bottle and shake to combine. Add a few drops to your hands and massage the oil into sore and tight muscles. This is great after a muscle or joint injury, a tough workout, or a long day on your feet.

Soothe and Heal Spray

soothe and heat spray essential oils

An active lifestyle can often come with bumps and scrapes along the way, especially for those adventurous kiddos. Addressing those little injuries quickly is essential to keeping us healthy and on the move. This soothing lavender wounds spray can help stop bleeding, reduce pain and inflammation and get you or your little one healing faster.



Add all the ingredients to the bottle and shake well to combine. Spray on minor cuts and scrapes to ease pain and facilitate quick healing. 

Bug Bite Roll On

bug bite essential oils

Dealing with biting and stinging insects can really zap the fun out of a beautiful day spent outdoors. Quick relief from the pain and itching of a bug bite can help you get back to the fun parts. A handy lavender and peppermint roll on remedy will help to soothe the redness, pain, and itchy feeling that these bites can cause while also reducing inflammation.



Add all the ingredients to the roll on bottle and shake well to combine. Roll on to insect bites and stings to combat pain and irritation and reduce inflammation and redness.

Sunburned Lip Balm

sunburn lip balm essential oils

We can often forget about our lips when it comes to sun protection and end up with an uncomfortable sunburn. A soothing lavender lip balm is a great way to provide your lips with amazing healing benefits after too much sun exposure. It can help moisturize dry, sensitive lips while reducing inflammation to help the sunburn subside more quickly.



Heat the coconut oil and beeswax together in a microwave or double boiler until melted. Remove the mixture from heat, add in the essential oils, and stir until thoroughly combined. Pour the mixture into small tins or lip balm tubes and let them cool for 24 hours before using. Swipe on to soothe and moisturize sunburned lips.

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