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essential oil for the heart chakra

Essential Oils for the Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra is the fourth of the seven chakras and is located at the center of the chest, in line with the heart.  This chakra is also referred to as Anahata, which means “unhurt” or “unbeaten” in Sanskrit.  The Heart Chakra is the center of love and compassion and reminds us of our spiritual connection to those around us.  It is what influences our sense of love for ourselves and what helps us move through life with love.  This chakra controls our compassion for others and helps us to feel connected to them.

When the Heart Chakra is balanced, we can exhibit unconditional love for others as well as ourselves.  This balance allows us to live in harmony with those around us and forgive small transgressions more easily.  We act with kindness and compassion that helps us to form and maintain healthy relationships.  An open and balanced Heart Chakra makes us feel like we are part of something larger and encourages us to trust our hearts.

A blocked Heart Chakra can leave us feeling disconnected from others, causing us to isolate ourselves and exhibit antisocial behaviors.  We may feel jealous of those around us and have difficulty forgiving and getting close to people.  When the Heart Chakra is blocked, we may lose our sense of self-love and self-confidence, causing us to seek validation and positive affirmations from others.  A blockage in the Heart Chakra can occur when we experience a difficult emotional situation or tragedy.  

Essential oils are great tools for supporting our physical, mental, and spiritual health and can help to improve the balance of all of our chakras.  Here are a few essential oils that can help to unblock the Heart Chakra.

Rose Essential Oil is strongly tied to love and romance, helping it to bring us feelings of oneness and heal a blocked Heart Chakra.  It works to balance and uplift our emotions so that we are in tune with ourselves and open to connecting with others.

Neroli Essential Oil can help us to relax and get back into rhythm when our Heart Chakra is out of balance.  It works to calm our minds while also boosting the mood so we can escape negative emotions and regain a state of self-love.

Lemon Essential Oil can help to lift us out of the isolation and depression we may slip into when our Heart Chakra is not balanced.  It works to improve mood, increase energy, and clear our mind our negative thoughts and energy.

Jasmine Absolute can work to get positive energy and love flowing again when our Heart Chakra is blocked.  It helps to ease stress and tension while also uplifting the mood and increasing feelings of passion and romance.

Rosewood Essential Oil can help to lead us out of the reclusive state that can occur when the Heart Chakra is blocked and remind us to appreciate the love in our lives.  It works to balance our emotions and reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety we may feel when we are isolated and lonely.

Loving Harmony Diffuser Blend

Loving Harmony Diffuser Blend

A blocked Heart Chakra can interrupt the sense of balance and harmony we have in our relationships causing us to feel tension and often distance ourselves.  Rose, neroli, and jasmine essential oils work to soothe stress and anxiety while boosting positive and loving emotions in our lives so we can restore the love for ourselves and others.



Add water to your diffuser up to the fill line.  Add drops of the essential oil blend.  This diffuser blend recipe is formulated for a 200ml ultrasonic diffuser.  Adjust the amount according to the size and directions of your diffuser.  

Forgiving Embrace Roll-On

When the Heart Chakra is out of balance, the love flowing between us and those close to us is blocked and our relationships may feel strained.  Lemon and rosewood essential oils help to uplift our mood and balance our emotions so we can let go of grudges and negative feelings and embrace the ones we love.



Add the essential oils to the bottle.  Fill the rest of the bottle to the top with fractionated coconut oil.  Replace the rollerball and cap, and gently shake and roll across your skin.


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