Achy Joints Massage Oil

Fall can often be a season when many of us wake up feeling the weather in our bones before we even have a chance to step outside.  It is also the time of year when we tend to become very busy, whether it be classes starting again, getting ready for the holidays, or just enjoying a plethora of Autumn festivities with our families.  The weather and uptick in activity combined can take a toll on our joints before we realize it, leaving us sore and uncomfortable.  A deep massage on stiff joints and muscles can help ease tightness, alleviate soreness and help you move smoothly.  Fractionated coconut oil, sweet almond oil, and jojoba oil combine to make a massage oil that is both nourishing and easily absorbed into the skin, leading to a smooth massage experience and allowing the beneficial essential oils to penetrate deep into the skin.  Rosemary, frankincense, ginger, and black pepper essential oils are believed to contain anti-inflammatory properties that may help reduce swelling and discomfort in overworked joints.  This soothing and warming blend will get deep into joints and muscles to help ease pain and get us up and moving again.



Add all ingredients to a 4-ounce amber glass bottle and shake vigorously to combine.  Pour a small amount into your hands and massage into stiff and aching joints.  Store in a cool, dark location out of the reach of children and pets.


Achy Joints Massage Oil


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