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Top 10 Essential Oils for Work

Nearly everyone has had a day where we come home from work feeling mentally foggy, exhausted and even a little burned out from the stress of the day. Whether we spend our days in an office, warehouse, or even at home, work is something that is a large part of many of our lives. This is especially true for those of us that are stay at home parents and our work life and home life are one in the same. It is something that requires a lot of our time and attention and can be the source of issues we may experience with our physical, mental, and emotional well being. We can often feel stressed and overwhelmed from our careers which may lead us to feeling distracted and unbalanced in other areas of our lives.

Essential Oils have long been known to have effects on our bodies, minds, and emotions and can be a useful resource for those of us needing help improving our overall well being in the workplace. Some essential oils are known to boost mental energy and can help to keep us alert and focused through long work days or tough projects. Other oils are great for calming our overworked bodies and minds and balancing our emotions during those times when a hectic work life is taking its toll. Essential oils can be a great tool for uplifting our mood, stimulating our minds, and soothing our stresses for a more productive and positive work experience.

Ten essential oils that are especially useful for work are:

cinnamon essential oils

Cinnamon essential oil is known to support a healthy respiratory and immune system to help us combat illness through cold and flu season and all year round in the office or workplace. The grounding and soothing scent of cinnamon is known to improve cognitive function for those moments when work has our minds feeling foggy.


peppermint essential oils

Peppermint essential oil can work to enhance our mental energy, improve focus, and uplift our mood for the ultimate positive impact on work productivity and morale. Peppermint can also help to relieve tensions and ease pain and fatigue when we push ourselves too hard at work.


tea tree essential oils

Tea tree essential oil contains potent antibacterial properties that make it great for keeping our work areas clean when a pesky cold is going around the office. It can also help to increase mental clarity for a healthy, focused work environment.


rosemary essential oils

Rosemary essential oil can help to improve memory and focus while also boosting productivity, making it a powerful essential oil for the workplace. Rosemary can stimulate our mind and maximize concentration when a work task or project requires our complete attention.


lemon essential oils

Lemon essential oil is invigorating and mood boosting, making it perfect for those of us that may be having trouble feeling productive and confident at work. It can help to clear our minds and increase our focus on the important tasks of the day. 


clary sage essential oils

Clary Sage essential oil is known to help balance our mood and combat negative thoughts and feelings when we may be having a tough time at work. It can also help us to unwind after the work day is done for reparative rest and relaxation.


ginger essential oils

Ginger essential oil can help to increase confidence and motivation for those times when we need to take the lead on a project at work or meet a tight deadline. Ginger can also help to alleviate pain and nausea when someone in the office might be under the weather.


black pepper essential oils

Black Pepper essential oil is wonderful at boosting mental stamina so we feel more alert and motivated to meet work deadlines and goals. It can also provide relief to sore and tense muscles after a physically demanding work day. 


lavender essential oils

Lavender essential oil has long been known to help relieve stress, anxiety and even headaches, all of which can result from a busy career. It can help to calm and soothe the mind during and after work as well as improve our sleep so we are well rested and refreshed for the next day of work.


citrus shine essential oil blend

Blood Orange, Tangerine, Grapefruit and Lemon come together in this refreshing and invigorating blend. Citrus Shine Blend can help to boost energy and concentration on those slow moving work days as well as providing a fresh clean scent to the workplace.

Try some of our favorite recipes for utilizing essential oils for work:


work from home essential oil blend

Work from Home Focusing Diffuser Blend

It can be difficult to separate our work lives from our home lives, especially for those of us that happen to work from home. This can sometimes lead us to have trouble focusing and being productive. Diffusing a blend of rosemary, lemon, and peppermint essential oils nearby while working at home can help to uplift our mood and increase mental clarity for a more successful work day. 

calm and clean office essential oils blend

Calm and Clean Office Aromatherapy Spray

Many people working in the same area can sometimes lead to a stressful work environment, especially when someone in the office catches a sniffle or cough. An essential oil aromatherapy spray is a great way to ease stress and anxiety while helping to ward off germs. Lavender, tea tree, and clary sage essential oils combine calming and relaxing abilities with antibacterial properties for a soothing and clean work space with a fresh, herbal aroma.



Add 2oz of a high percentage alcohol to the bottle. Add the essential oils and fill the remainder of the bottle with witch hazel, leaving a little space at the top. Shake well before each use. Spray all around your home office or workplace for a freshly scented antibacterial boost.


tension muscle rub essential oils

Workday Tension Muscle Rub

Long work days can leave us stressed and tense, with that tension often being carried in our muscles. Massage can be a great way to relax and ease the stresses of the day from our bodies and minds.Peppermint, black pepper, and ginger essential oils come together to soothe sore muscles while also boosting our motivation, helping us be prepared to tackle another day at work.



  1. Heat beeswax, coconut oil, and shea butter on a double boiler until everything is fully melted and combined.
  2. Remove from heat and stir in the essential oil blend. Stir very well, ensuring essential oils are thoroughly combined into the mixture.
  3. Pour into metal tins and allow to cool and harden for several hours before use.


foaming hand soap essential oils

Energized and Focused Foaming Hand Soap

For stay at home parents, it can be quite a task to get kids, as well as ourselves, motivated and mentally focused to tackle chores or even a fun project. Hand washing is something we do throughout the day and an easy way to incorporate focusing essential oils into our routine. Citrus Shine Blend adds a fresh and invigorating aroma to this soap while also helping boost our concentration and mental energy.


Add all ingredients to the foaming soap dispenser, replace top, and shake well to combine.

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