Essential Oils for the Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra is the second of the seven chakras and is located in the lower abdomen, in line with the pelvis.  This chakra is also referred to as Svadhisthana, a Sanskrit word that roughly translates to mean “one’s own abode” or “where your being is established”.  As the translation suggests, the Sacral Chakra is the center of our sense of self and is strongly tied to the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.  It controls how we move through this life and the enjoyment we get from experiences and relationships.  The Sacral Chakra connects us to the flow of life through creativity, sensuality, and fun. 

When the Sacral Chakra is balanced we are dedicating our time and energy to enjoying new things and treating ourselves and the people in our inner circle to all of the pleasures in life.  We are able to freely express our wants and needs to those close to us and feel emotionally connected and nurtured in our intimate relationships.  An aligned Sacral Chakra fills us with creative energy and the unwavering confidence to trust the vision we have in life and love.  

A blocked Sacral Chakra can lead to anxiety and overwhelming negative emotions.  This can cause unhealthy codependency as we are unable to trust ourselves and can rely on others to guide us.  We may have difficulty communicating in relationships and lack the ability to express ourselves authentically and confidently.  Imbalance in the Sacral Chakra forms a blockage in our creative processes and leaves us feeling uninspired and apathetic towards things we might usually enjoy.  

Essential oils are great tools for supporting our physical, mental, and spiritual health and can help to improve the balance of all of our chakras.   Here are a few essential oils that can help to unblock the Sacral Chakra. 

Sweet Orange Essential Oil can help to invigorate the mind when our creativity is suffering at the hands of a blocked Sacral Chakra.  It is believed to improve focus and enhance brain function to bring back our creative vision while also encouraging a positive mood. 

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil can promote positive feelings and increase confidence, helping to uplift the mood when we’re in a slump caused by a blocked Sacral Chakra.  It can help to ease tension and combat fatigue while also supporting passion and intimacy. 

Sandalwood Essential Oil can help to heal the damage done to our confidence when our Sacral Chakra is blocked.  It is known to balance the emotions and uplift the mood while also acting as an aphrodisiac for stronger connections and intimacy. 

Bergamot Essential Oil can calm the mind and relax the body when a blocked Sacral Chakra leaves us overwhelmed and emotionally vulnerable.  It may help to alleviate feelings of anxiety and stress so we can trust ourselves and enjoy life again. 

Patchouli Essential Oil can help to reduce negative energy and balance emotions when a blockage in the Sacral Chakra makes it difficult to express our feelings.  It can be utilized in meditation and spiritual practices to help improve focus and clear the mind for renewed confidence and motivation. 


Creative Freedom Diffuser Blend

The Sacral Chakra controls our creative vision and a blockage can leave us feeling stuck with no inspiration.  Sweet Orange, Sandalwood, and Bergamot essential oils come together to help clear out negative emotions while enhancing concentration and confidence to bring our creative vision back into view.



Add water to your diffuser up to the fill line.   Add drops of the essential oil blend.   This diffuser blend recipe is formulated for a 200ml ultrasonic diffuser.   Adjust the amount according to the size and directions of your diffuser.   

Positive Connection Foaming Bath Salts

An imbalance in the Sacral Chakra can negatively affect our self-confidence and ability to communicate with our loved ones in a healthy way.  Sandalwood, Patchouli, and Ylang Ylang essential Oils combine to balance the emotions and encourage feelings of comfort and intimacy to help strengthen our relationships. 



Add coarse sea salt and Epsom salt to a large bowl and mix thoroughly.  Combine castile soap, sweet almond oil, and essential oils in a separate bowl and stir until essential oils are fully incorporated.  Add liquid mixture to salts and stir thoroughly.  Scoop into airtight containers for storage.  To use, add about ½ cup to a warm bath and stir to dissolve. 

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