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Spring Soap Recipe Ideas

Spring Soap Recipe Ideas

Making soap is a lot of fun and such a versatile craft. Customizing your soap for specific seasons or special occasions really makes it even more unique. Spring is a wonderful time to play around with some fresh, floral aromas and bright colors to match the season of new beginnings. Below is a list of ideas you can apply to your soap making to give it that Spring feeling. Each idea can be applied to any type of soap making being used (melt & pour, cold processed, or hot processed)


Spring Soap Recipe Ideas essential oil soap

Fresh and Clean Kitchen Soap

Mix together the dried lavender buds, rosemary and lemon zest in a small bowl. Sprinkle the dried herbs on top of your soap right after pouring it into your molds for a colorful topping to the bars. Use a clean spoon or gloved hand to very gently press the herbs into the soap to help them adhere once the soap hardens. Adding a blend of lavender, lemon and rosemary essential oils will create a fresh and clean aroma that is powerful for combatting lingering food smells on the skin.


spring soap recipe

Herb Garden Soap

Shredded loofah adds an exfoliating quality to this soap, making it great for scrubbing down after a day in the garden. You can find this pre-shredded from soap suppliers or make your own by cutting natural loofah into squares and giving it a few pulses in a food processor. Add the loofah at medium trace for your cold process recipe so that the shreds suspend in the mixture and don’t sink. When adding it to a melt and pour recipe, allow the soap to cool to around 120 degrees to achieve suspension. Adding a blend of rosemary, sage and spearmint essential oils will create a verdant, garden-fresh scent that gardeners are sure to love. 


spring soap making with essential oils

A Springtime Stroll

Color the entire batch of soap with moss green liquid color and allow it to thicken to medium trace. Pour about one-quarter of soap mixture into a loaf mold and dust the top with a very thin layer of activated charcoal. A fine-mesh sieve can help you get a thin, even layer. Repeat layers of soap and charcoal until the mold is filled. When the soap is cut, the charcoal will appear as thin veins throughout the green soap, like little paths through a field. Adding a blend of cedarwood, bergamotclary sage, and ylang ylang essential oils will create an aroma that is bright, green, and reminiscent of a breath of crisp Spring air.


flowers essential oils soap recipe

Spring Bouquet Soap

Divide your melted soap mixture into three equal parts after scenting. Color each part with either lavender, light yellow, or rose pink colorant until a pastel shade is achieved. Pour each different soap mixture into your molds while alternating randomly between the three different colors. Doing this will mix the colors within the molds, creating a layered and swirled mix of pastel colors, reminiscent of a floral bouquet. This technique works best in a loaf mold as it gives the most room for the colors to swirl. Adding a blend of lavender, geranium, and ylang ylang essential oils will create a beautiful floral blend while the patchouli essential oil will add an earthy touch that anchors the scent.


spring recipe for soap

Raspberry Lemonade Soap

After scenting, separate 1/3 of your soap mixture into a container with a pouring spout, such as a glass or Pyrex measuring cup, and add rose pink liquid color. Color the remaining 2/3 with light yellow liquid color. Pour the yellow mixture into your molds. Pour the pink mixture into the mold while holding the container 10 to 12 inches above the mold. Pouring from a greater height allows the pink mixture to drop down into the yellow mixture rather than sitting on top. This “drop swirl” technique will help the bars of soap look like raspberry syrup swirling into a glass of lemonade. Finish it off by topping the soap with coarse sea salt which will add the effect of ice in the glass. Adding the lemon essential oil and raspberry fragrance oil will combine to create a sharp, fruity scent that completes the image of a glass of iced raspberry lemonade.

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