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Spiced Tea Cold Process Soap Recipe

Spiced Tea Cold Process Soap Recipe

The holiday season is a time to fill our home with comforting aromas that remind us of time spent with family and friends.  Soap is an especially important element of holiday cheer that helps keep us germ-free as we prepare meals and have long-distance visitors in our homes.  A handmade and skin-loving bar of soap also makes a great gift that we know will be used and appreciated by our loved ones. 

A base of coconut, olive, palm, and castor oils come together to create a smooth and creamy lather and a solid, long-lasting bar that is perfect for gifting.  Shea butter is a soothing and hydrating choice for a 5% superfat to boost the moisturizing and skin-nourishing benefits of the finished soap.  Replacing the water with brewed tea helps to deepen the brown color of the finished bar and compliments the tea-themed scent.  Black Tea & Bergamot, Vanilla Cream, and Cinnamon Orange Clove Fragrance Oils combine for a spicy, sweet, warm, and comforting aroma that reminds us of enjoying a steamy mug of tea by the fire on a chilly winter morning.  A simple drop pour gives the soap a look that mimics that of cream swirling into a cup of our favorite spiced holiday tea.

Spiced Tea Cold Process Soap Recipe




  • Heat Safe Loaf Soap Mold
  • Immersion Blender
  • Digital Kitchen Scale
  • Small Bowl for Fragrance Blend
  • Medium Glass Bowl for Lye Mixture
  • Large Glass or Stainless Steel Bowl for Base Oils 
  • Large Glass Measuring Cup
  • Pot or Double Boiler
  • Spoon or Rubber Spatula
  • Gloves
  • Safety Glasses or Goggles  


***Make sure to wear safety glasses or goggles, gloves, and long-sleeve clothing.  Working with lye and high temperatures requires caution and safe practices.  Always make soap in a well-ventilated area.

  1. Brew tea and allow it to cool to room temperature. 
  2. Measure and combine the fragrance oils and set them aside.
  3. Weigh each oil and add them to a large bowl.  Place the bowl on top of a large pot that is about 1/3 full of water and bring the water to a boil.  Heat the oil until fully melted, stirring occasionally.
  4. While the oil is melting, weigh the lye and cooled tea in two separate bowls.  Slowly add the lye to the tea while gently stirring until the lye is fully dissolved.
  5. Let the oils and lye mixture both cool to 130 degrees or below, ensuring that they are within 10 degrees of each other.
  6. Place the immersion blender into the oil, tapping it on the bottom of the bowl to release any air bubbles.  This is a safety precaution that prevents the bubbles from coming to the surface when you begin mixing in the lye.
  7. Slowly and gently pour the lye mixture into the oil.  You can pour down the side of the bowl or down the shaft of the immersion blender to reduce the chance of splashing.
  8. Pulse the blender a few times, watching as the oils and lye start to combine.  Switch between short pulses and stirring with the blender until the mixture comes together to a very light trace.  
  9. Separate about one-quarter of the soap mixture into a measuring cup and set aside.
  10. Working quickly, stir (do not blend) the fragrance oil blend into the remaining soap mixture. (The vanilla content in the fragrances will brown as the soap cures while the reserved amount remains lighter in color.)
  11. Once the soap reaches about a medium trace, pour it into the mold, scraping the bowl to ensure no soap is left behind.  Tap the mold on the work surface to release any trapped air bubbles.
  12.  Holding the measuring cup 10 to 12 inches above the mold, pour the reserved soap down the center of the loaf mold. Use the spoon or spatula to form small peaks along the top of the soap.
  13. Allow the soap to sit in the molds for 48-72 hours at room temperature.  Unmold the soap, cut it into bars, and allow it to cure for 4-6 weeks.
  14. Use and enjoy!


Spiced Tea Cold Process Soap Recipe

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