Monster Spray

Spooky monsters can be lurking around any corner and having a special tool to keep them at bay can help kids to feel safe.  What we adults know is that having an aromatherapy spray packed with immune-supporting essential oils can help combat the real “monsters” like germs and bacteria, especially during cold and flu season.  Immune Health Blend combines eucalyptus, orange, rosemary, lemon, tea tree, frankincense, and blood orange essential oils for a bright, fresh aroma and serious cleansing power.  It is believed to clean and disinfect the surfaces and air in our homes while also helping to calm the mind.  Having our little ones spray this around their room is a great way to introduce the use of essential oils into their routine and help them play an active part in keeping themselves healthy and well.



Add 2 ounces of high percentage alcohol to the bottle.  Add Immune Health Blend and fill the remainder of the bottle with distilled water, leaving a little space at the top.  Add your monster stickers to the outside of the bottle so your Monster Spray is properly labeled.  Spray all around kids' bedrooms and play areas to help fight off “monsters”.  Shake well before each use.


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