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Garden Party Cold Process Soap

Garden Party Cold Process Soap

Whether we are gathering to celebrate a birthday, surprise Mom for Mother’s day, or purely for a fun evening with friends, a garden party is a perfect way to enjoy the longer days and warmer weather.  A skin-loving bar of soap can make a great party gift for such events and serves to remind guests of the fun had with a useful and beautifully scented memento.  Equal parts Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, and Palm Oil come together for a firm but gentle bar of soap with a luxurious creamy lather.  Mango Butter gives additional moisturizing and nourishing properties that help to care for the skin as the soap cleanses.  Moonlight Vanilla, Evening Jasmine, and Rose Petal Fragrance Oils combine to create a swirl of heady floral notes and sugary sweetness for an aroma reminiscent of enjoying cake and dancing in the garden on a warm summer night. 



  1. Weigh and combine the fragrance oils, then set them aside. Thoroughly whisk together rose clay and 2 tablespoons of water, and set aside. 
  2. Weigh each base oil and butter and combine them in a large bowl.  Place the bowl on top of a large pot about ⅓ full of water.  Bring the water to a boil.  Heat the oils until fully melted and blended, stirring occasionally. 
  3. While the oils are melting, weigh out the lye and water in two separate bowls.  Slowly add the lye to the water while gently stirring until the lye is fully dissolved and the liquid is clear. 
  4. Let the oils and lye mixture both cool to 120 degrees or below, ensuring that they are within 10 degrees of each other.  
  5. Place the immersion blender into the oils, tapping it on the bottom of the bowl to release any air bubbles.  
  6. Slowly and gently pour the lye water into the oil mixture.  Pouring down the side of the bowl or down the shaft of the immersion blender can reduce the chance of splashing. 
  7. Pulse the blender a few times, watching as the oils and lye start to combine.  Switch between short pulses and stirring with the blender until the mixture comes together to a light trace.  
  8. Working quickly, stir (do not blend) in the fragrance oil blend and rose clay mixture until the color is evenly dispersed. 
  9. Once the soap reaches about a medium trace, pour it into the loaf mold, scraping the bowl to ensure no soap is left behind.  Tap the molds on your table or counter to release any trapped air bubbles.  
  10. Cover the mold and allow the soap to sit in the mold for 48-72 hours at room temperature.  Unmold soap, cut into bars, and allow to cure for 4-6 weeks. 

Garden Party Cold Process Soap Recipe

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