Wintergreen Oil Natural
Wintergreen Oil Natural Wintergreen Oil Natural

Oil of Wintergreen Gaultheria fragrantissima China Cultivated

Rich in methyl salicylates. Good application for warts and sore muscles. Use in soaps and candles. Must be diluted. For external use only.

Wintergreen Oil Natural is extracted from the leaves through steam distillation. Wintergreen oil aroma is a very sweet and soothing scent that is not too overpowering. Blends well with thyme, oregano, vanilla, ylang ylang, and other mint oils. Wintergreen oil has such a pleasing aroma it is used in many household products such as deodorizers, body sprays, candles, detergents, cleaners etc.

Used as an inhalant it clears sinuses, stimulate the brain, and awakens other senses in the body. Being a natural antiseptic the oil naturally clears out minor infections in the body from cold sores, to snakebites, dog bites, insect bites, and other similar minor infections. A major use of Wintergreen Oil is as a relief to muscular pain and tension, reducing inflammation naturally and reducing healing time. Suggested to use in a diffuser to calm the room, and stimulate mind and body.

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