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CPAP Infusion Diffuser


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We are excited to introduce the first and only essential oil diffuser for CPAP users. The CPAP Infusion Diffuser can provide a therapeutic experience while you sleep using aromatherapy provided by your favorite essential oils. Using CPAP equipment can be distracting and easily make a night of sleep very uncomfortable. The strong smell of chemicals and plastic can often cause headaches or even make some people feel ill. Implementing aromatherapy using the CPAP Infusion Diffuser can help your subconscious focus on the great smell allowing you to relax while also reaping the benefits of the essential oil you choose to use. Aromatherapy has been used in almost every culture throughout history. Essential oils are widely known to improve mood and help people feel more relaxed and balanced.

The CPAP Infusion Diffuser is not only quick and easy to install but It also works with both the face mask and the nasal mask. Just add a few drops of your favorite 100% pure essential oil to the CPAP Infusion Pad and enjoy the wonderful aroma of your choice.

The CPAP Infusion diffuser was designed to fit any CPAP hose and mask. It can be used with both thick and thin oils and is extremely safe. The CPAP Infusion Pads are made out of polyethylene woven material, which makes them long lasting and resistant to bending. They were designed to release the essential oil at a steady flow, eliminating the chance that the user would be overwhelmed by the aroma, regardless of how much oil is used.

If you’re not sure what essential oil would work best for you, try placing one drop of an oil into a small glass container and smell. This will give you an idea of what it would be like using it in your CPAP Infusion Diffuser while you sleep and can help eliminate any essential oils that you may be sensitive to or not enjoy before using them with your diffuser.

The CPAP Infusion Diffuser comes in a small box that includes the CPAP Infusion Adapter, and four Infusion Pads. Simple instructions to set up your CPAP Infusion Diffuser are included inside the box.



  1. Just remove the CPAP Infusion Adapter and Infusion Pad from the box.
  2. Add a few drops of your preferred 100% pure essential oil to the Infusion Pad.
  3. Insert the Infusion Pad into CPAP Infusion Adapter.
  4. Connect the CPAP Infusion Adapter to the CPAP mask and to the hose.
  5. Your CPAP Infusion Diffuser is now ready for use!