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Mom's Signature Scent: Fragrance Oil Gift Set >
The Essential Oil Company

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Shop bulk essential oils from 16oz and up, our wholesale program is designed to meet the needs of customers large and small. Unlike other essential oil wholesale programs, our program has no minimums and offers fast lead times—allowing our customers to order only when they need to, scaling their businesses as they grow.

Wholesale Customer Benefits

  • Wholesale Pricing - 10% off most products
  • Therapeutic grade essential oils and products - Over 150 SKU's
  • Other bulk products include: Carrier Oils, Raw Materials, and Fragrance Oils
  • Fast lead times
  • VIP access to new products
  • Exclusive offers
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Wholesale Organic Essential Oils/Bulk Natural Oils Program

The Essential Oil Company has provided top-quality essential oils to our customers since 1977. For more than four decades, we have worked diligently to build relationships with essential oil distillers and distributors across the globe.

Working with some of the most skilled essential oil producers in the world has helped us build a reputation as a top essential oil supplier, able to offer a wide variety of the highest-quality essential oils available anywhere.

Our years of industry experience and professional networking allow us to offer our customers bulk essential oils at discounted prices. We specialize in serving small business owners with big ambitions.

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils contain the terpenes — or “essence” — of a plant. They can be distilled or extracted from any part of the plant, including the leaf, flower, root, bark, and peel. Skilled essential oils producers use the portion of the plant that holds the highest quality terpenes to distill or extract the oil.

The method is determined by the plant itself. Some oils, such as those from citrus plants, must be extracted through cold-press methods to preserve the delicate, volatile oils. Most essential oils are produced through distillation.

Once the oils have been collected, they are bottled for sale as single-oil products or blended with other essential oils. Essential oils that are mixed with carrier oils before bottling are not considered pure since they have been diluted with a neutral oil.

Botanicals and their oils have been used in healing for at least the last 5,000 years. Today, many people use essential oils for the pure pleasure of their scents, while others include them in homemade skin care products.

There are many scientific studies available to support the use of some essential oils to improve health. However, they should never be considered to be a substitute for traditional healthcare.

The Essential Oil Company offers both traditional and organic essential oils wholesale to our customers.

Which Wholesale Essential Oils Should You Use?

If you’re considering purchasing wholesale oils for the first time, start with the oils you use most regularly. Some of the most popular oils and their uses include:

Lavender essential oil offers many benefits for the mind and body. It is frequently used in soaps, deodorants, perfumes, and household cleaning products. Lavender oil is beloved for its sweet, earthy, and floral scent.

Peppermint essential oil is cooling on the skin. It’s one of the main ingredients in natural insect repellent and is often used topically to relieve headaches and muscle pain. The scent is fresh and bracing.

Lemon essential oil smells bright and clean, just like the skin of a fresh lemon. Its scent and antibacterial properties make it popular for use in cleaning products and homemade soap.

Tea Tree
Tea tree oil is widely used in skin, hair, and nail products. Its antibacterial properties are scientifically backed. The scent is fresh with a slight menthol note.

It’s no wonder bergamot is one of the most popular essential oils. Bergamot essential oil is extracted from the bergamot orange tree and has all the benefits of other citrus oils with a softer, more subtle scent.

Using single oils — pure essential oils that aren’t blended with carrier oils or other essential oils — allows you to better understand the properties of an oil.

As you get to know how certain oils react in your products, you can develop your own unique blends to create signature products that are not found in the mass commercial market.

Who Uses Essential Oils?

When properly stored, single-oil essential oils have a shelf life of up to five years. Their longevity makes them a practical purchase for almost anyone who uses essential oils on a regular basis.

We are proud of The Essential Oil Company’s efforts to support the success of our entrepreneurial customers. Many of our wholesale orders are placed by:

  1. Soap makers
  2. Candlemakers
  3. Spa owners/managers
  4. Bath and body product makers
  5. Chiropractors
  6. Massage therapists
  7. Aromatherapy practitioners
  8. Holistic health professionals

Anyone who uses essential oils for personal or professional use can also benefit from the convenience and savings of purchasing our bulk natural oils.

Discover Organic Essential Oils Wholesale

Choosing to buy certified essential oils wholesale shows your customers and clients you care about selecting the best possible ingredients for them.

Certified organic is not the same as wildcrafted essential oils. Wildcrafted oils are extracted from plants that are growing naturally in the wild without interference from humans.

While they may not be exposed to synthetic fertilizers or chemical pesticides, there is no guarantee that plants have not been contaminated by pesticide drift or that unwanted substances weren’t used during the distillation process.

The Essential Oil Company relies on Oregon Tilth as our organic handler. Certification by Oregon Tilth ensures the plants are cultivated without chemical or synthetic assistance.

Certification is a complicated process that requires detailed oversight. Much of the plant material grown for making essential oils is cultivated organically, but not all producers are willing or able to undergo the scrutiny of certification.

As an essential oil wholesale distributor, we are proud to provide some of the most popular organic essential oils at wholesale prices.

How to Buy Wholesale Essential Oils in Three Easy Steps

Buying bulk essential oils from The Essential Oil Company is simple. Our wholesale purchasing program has no minimum requirements, and we deliver fast lead times. This allows our customers the convenience of ordering only when they need to, not when their distributor tells them to.

To purchase your oils from us, you’ll only need to follow these three easy steps:

Step One: Research the Current Best-Selling Essential Oils

Scent trends come and go, especially for products like candles, soap, and skin care products. Since wholesale oils come in larger quantities, you’ll want to make sure you’re using your purchasing power to the best advantage. With our wholesale pricing, you save 12 to 50% off retail prices when buying containers of 16 oz. and larger.

Step Two: Speak with a Specialist

If you’re still uncertain about which bulk essential oils you should buy, call our friendly customer service department. We are dedicated to being the most helpful essential oil wholesale distributor in the marketplace.

One of our knowledgeable specialists can advise you on which essential oils to purchase and help you select samples. We can also provide pricing information for drum wholesale oils.

Step Three: Buy with Confidence

Buying wholesale from The Essential Oil Company doesn’t require any extra effort on your part. Select the bulk essential oils you want to buy, and click on your cart to complete your purchase.

There are no additional fees or clubs to join. Customers who do wish to join our wholesale program receive news about our new product launches and are the first to hear about any additional savings that might be available on over 150 different therapeutic-grade essential oils and related products.

More Advantages of Buying Wholesale Oils from The Essential Oil Company

Chances are that your business needs more than high-quality essential oils to thrive. The Essential Oil Company also carries soap-making supplies, carrier oils, and many of the other raw materials you need to create the products your customers love.

When you make The Essential Oil Company your essential oils distributor, you have access to hundreds of products designed especially for the small-business person and kitchen-table crafters.

Superior Products at Affordable Prices

The entire team at The Essential Oil Team is here to help you do and be your best as an entrepreneur. If you’re looking for great prices on a wide variety of superior and organic essential oils as well as complementary products you need, call or order directly from our online wholesale essential oil catalog today.