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Mom's Signature Scent: Fragrance Oil Gift Set >
Mom's Signature Scent: Fragrance Oil Gift Set >

The Guerilla Distiller

Robert Seidel:  The Guerilla Distiller. View the Guerilla Distiller blog.


 The Guerilla Distiller is Robert Seidel, President of the Essential Oil Company, located in Portland, Oregon. Robert has been distilling essential oils and hydrosols since 1977. The Guerilla Distiller is wa world renowned consultant to the Essential Oil industry. Robert travels the word showing folks how to maximize their distillation efferts for making essential oils and hydrosols.

The Guerilla Distiller at work.
Setting up the portable home distiller for making lavender oil.

The Guerilla Distiller is also a Saber Fencer at the Nike World Masters GamesThe Guerilla Distiller at play