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Liquid Castile Soap

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Smooth and moisturizing Liquid Castile Soap. Has no added fragrance and keeps skin hydrated.

Some essential oils make natural liquid soap "snotty". These oils include lemon, lemongrass, clove, eucalyptus, and possibly others. Test small batches before making large quantities. Orange oil may separate and float if too much is used. Warm and stir to blend thoroughly. Examine mixture in 24 hours for evidence of separation. Skim excess from top, if necessary. Any oil based, or water based, herbal ingredients can, potentially, be added. "tween 20" (polysorbate20), will maximize essential oil blending in soap. 1.5% essential oil can be added, but this % can be doubled with the addition of 5% of polysorbate 20.

Fragrance Recommendation: 5ml to 15ml per gallon depending on personal preference.

This liquid soap is made with naturally saponified vegetable oils and a high level of glycerine added with no sulfates, surfactants or detergents. It is mild to the skin with great natural cleaning power. ***Please note that color and smell can change batch to batch depending on the olive oil used.