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CPAP Infusion Diffuser Starter Kit


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The CPAP Infusion Diffuser Starter Kit comes in a small box that includes the CPAP Infusion Adapter, designed to fit any CPAP hose and mask, and four CPAP Infusion Pads. Simple instructions to set up your CPAP Infusion Diffuser are included inside the box.

The CPAP Infusion Diffuser Starter Kit also includes a 10ml bottle of Organic Lavender Oil. Lavender essential oil is the most commonly used aroma to help with sleep. It is known to lower blood pressure and can actually alter brain waves to reduce stress, leaving you more relaxed and ready for a perfect night’s rest.

When using a new essential oil, it is beneficial to test it to see if it’s the right oil for you. Try placing one drop of the oil into a small glass container and smell. This will give you an idea of what it would be like using it in your CPAP Infusion Diffuser while you sleep and can help eliminate any essential oils that you may be sensitive to or not enjoy before using them with your diffuser.



  1. Just remove the CPAP Infusion Adapter and Infusion Pad from the box.
  2. Add a few drops of your preferred 100% pure essential oil to the Infusion Pad.
  3. Insert the Infusion Pad into CPAP Infusion Adapter.
  4. Connect the CPAP Infusion Adapter to the CPAP mask and to the hose.
  5. Your CPAP Infusion Diffuser is now ready for use!