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The Busy Parent's Essential Oil Kit

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A parents work is never done and when life gets hectic, busy parent's need a trusty toolkit to reach for to keep everyone feeling healthy and well. Whether someone in the family is feeling under the weather or just seeking a bit of emotional grounding, Headache Blend, Immune Health Blend, Sore Ease Blend, Sleep ZZZ's Blend, and Balance Blend come together to help ease discomfort in the body and calm the mind, supporting wellness for the whole family. 

The Busy Parent's Kit Includes:

  • Headache Blend Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Copaiba Balsam, Spearmint, Rosemary, Cinnamon Leaf essential oils, and Curcuma Longa Root extract
  • Immune Health Blend Eucalyptus, Orange, Rosemary, Lemon, Tea Tree, Frankincense, and Blood Orange essential oils
  • Sore Ease Blend Chamomile, Oregano, Peppermint, Wintergreen, Ho Wood, and Osmanthus Absolute essential oils
  • Sleep ZZZ's Blend Lavender, Neroli, Mandarin, Ylang Ylang, Vetiver, and Valerian essential oils
  • Balance Blend Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, Juniper Berry, Bergamot, and Lavender essential oils