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Small Business Beginners: The Perfect Packaging

Small Business Beginners: The Perfect Packaging

Once we have decided on a few products to start our business, we must determine how we will package them. Packaging is the first thing potential customers see and is the face of our brand in a sales environment. It helps to tell people a little bit about the product and gives consumers some insight into our brand and purpose. We want something that will draw people in and highlight everything that they will love about our products. Simplicity, consistency, and functionality can go a long way to impress a customer before they even open the product, making packaging a very important brand element.

Packaging must be practical and appropriate for the product it contains. It must properly showcase, protect, and contain the product for sale and transport. Essential oil products need to be protected from light so we may need to consider the color or opacity of the material when choosing a bottle or jar. We must also be sure that packaging will sufficiently protect our product during shipping or factor additional wrapping into our final shipped cost. 

Packaging does factor into the final cost of our products so we have to ensure that whatever choose is cost-effective at the current scale of our business. Selling bars of soap in individual metal tins is eye-catching but may be costly to a new business. Simple and effective packaging can help keep costs minimal while still presenting a professional brand image. Another important characteristic of good packaging for our products is its ability to be easily labeled. We must consider the shape and size of potential jars and bottles to be sure there is enough room to affix a label with all of the necessary information for the product. When using adhesive labels we must also ensure that they will adhere to our chosen containers, especially those with textured or coated exteriors. 

Here are a few examples of effective packaging for some popular bath and beauty products…

Shrink Wrap

Shrink Wrap works well for products such as individual bath bombs or shower steamers, allowing the product to be seen while protected. The tight-fitting package helps to protect such products from humidity and damage but still allows the design to be seen and scent to be enjoyed by shoppers at a market or store. Shrink wrapping is a simple process that can be completed at any scale. The only supplies necessary are heat-shrinking bags or sheets and a heat source such as a heat gun or hair dryer. Labels can be printed on paper the be contained within the plastic or on a sticker to the adhered to the outside. 

Cigar Bands

Cigar Bands are a simple yet highly effective and widely used method for packaging handmade soap. This allows potential buyers to fully experience, the colors, design, aroma, and texture of the soap before purchasing. The horizontal band of paper or cardstock also acts as a convenient place for customers to pick up the soap without touching the bar itself. Cigar Bands combine packing and labeling into one to help cut costs and allow for mass printing. The bands can be simply secured with a small dot of adhesive or tape to help keep the packaging process quick and easy. 

Amber Glass Bottles & Jars

Amber Glass Bottles & Jars make sleek and durable packing for liquid products like hair oils, perfumes, and balms, especially those that are naturally or synthetically fragranced. The amber color helps to protect essential oils and other ingredients from light to help the product maintain its quality and last longer. Amber glass containers come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate many different product types. Glass is also reusable and recyclable to help keep the packaging as environmentally friendly as possible. 

Private Labeling

Packaging can be a daunting part of getting our products ready for sale. For those who are looking to add essential oils, blends, and fragrances to their product line, Private Labeling may help to take some of the stress out of production. The Essential Oil Company offers Private Labeling services with order volumes as low as 50 units per product to help small businesses get started. Simply select products from our large selection and send over the labels and the Essential Oil Company takes care of the rest. Products will be shipped to your business packaged and ready for sale. Click Here to learn more about our Private Label Program and see if it is the right option for your business. 


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