Radioactive Slime

Halloween is a great occasion for children to get together and do all of the messy, sticky, and spooky crafts that reflect the playful nature of the holiday.  This bright gooey slime is just as fun to create as it is to play with, making this a creative group activity for a Halloween party.  Try making a few batches of different colors for everyone to trade and mix for the ultimate radioactive ooze.  Adding lavender and sweet orange essential oils to the mix creates a pleasant aroma while allowing kids to enjoy the calming and soothing benefits.



Add essential oils and fractionated coconut oil to a small bowl and set aside.  Heat water until very hot.  Stir in borax until it is completely dissolved. Add 5-10 drops of food coloring to this solution.  Combine the glue in a separate bowl with the essential oil and fractionated coconut oil mix and stir thoroughly to combine.  Pour the hot water and borax solution into the glue mixture a little at a time while continually stirring.  Add more as needed until a thickened slime forms. Knead the slime and work it with your hands until it is smooth and stretchy.  Store slime in a sealed container to keep it fresh and prevent drying out.

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