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Oud oudh agarwood essential oil

Portable Still Created For Oudh Essential Oil


Well, we not only sell essential oils, import and distribute essential oils around the world, we also sell distillation equipment. Many years ago I started designing my own equipment in a very rudimentary manner and I’ve gotten to the point where now I’m manufacturing distillation units such as this one. This is a portable still intended for distillation of agarwood and we have two units of these in Burma where I will be heading next week to show them how to use it. So, let me describe this to you a little bit. This is the tub, it has a basket inside and that’s where you put your raw material. This is the condenser. The condenser has cooling water that cools down the steam that comes through the birds beak into the condenser. This is the essencier which captures the essential oil and the distillate. And this little unit right here is called the coabation system which takes the hydrosols from the distillate and puts them back into the still. Now, the beauty of that system is that during the course of distillation you do not have to add water while you’re distilling.

Oudh Oil drop

With something like agarwood, you may distill for five days without stopping, could be one day, could be ten days, could be five days, who knows. Everybody’s got a different system but the problem is you don't want to stop your distillation to add water. So, this system continually reuses the hydrosols and continues to distill the agarwood. Agarwood produces an essential oil called oudh which is probably the most expensive oil available in the market today. I’ve seen prices as high as… The unit of measure is called a tola, t-o-l-a. It’s 11.88 grams and I’ve seen prices, from the distiller, as high as 350 dollars for one tola. So, that's less than half of an ounce. We have two units. We have a larger unit, 35 gallon unit, that’s in Burma and we have these that are used for the guys in the field that harvest wild agarwood for distillation.

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