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New Ready To Wear, Roll-On Essential Oils >
Hungarian Chamomile Oil essential oil

Chamomile Blue Ready For Harvest in Hungary


Hi, I’m Robert Seidel, president of The Essential Oil Company in Portland Oregon. Today we’re standing in a gorgeous field of Chamomile Blue in Hungary. We’re about 35 miles or so out of Budapest. It’s a gorgeous day, it’s probably one or two days prior to harvest. Fortunately, it has not been raining. Rain can ruin your crop, especially when you’re distilling essential oils. If you look at this piece of chamomile, for harvesting time you want to see at least ten flowers per stem, and here’s the stem, before you harvest and then you know you’ll probably get the best maturity and the most essential oil from your crop.

This is just about perfect. I’m very pleased to be in this aromatic...Talk about aromatherapy, we’re in the middle of an aromatic field of chamomile. You can’t imagine the aroma here. This will be going off to the distillery where Chamomile Blue is distilled for a 24 hour period. The reason for that is you have to get the chamazulene, that blue color that you’re looking for in chamomile blue. I’m really pleased to be here and thank you for your time. See ya.

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