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Ancient distillation system for rose oil essential oil

Ancient Distillation System For Rose Oil and Rose Water

Hi, I’m Robert Seidel, president of The Essential Oil Company.  Currently, I’m in Bulgaria in the beautiful Rose Valley. I just wanted to show you this incredible piece of equipment. This is how they used to make Rose oil and Rose water. This is a copper system. You can see that the color on the top here does not look like copper, and that’s because it’s tin coated. The reason it’s tin coated is because copper will react with rose oil during the manufacturing process and turn your oil green. The tin forms a lining around the copper and keeps the copper from reacting with the essential oil. The original condenser was basically just a tub of water. See, this is just a wooden tub. This pipe is coming from the head, through the bird’s beak, into the water where the steam is being cooled, turning back to a liquid. And if you look down here, this is an old essencier. What we have here is the water will come out here and the oil will come out the top. Very old and ancient system. And now if you can bear with me, we’re going to go upstairs and look at the traditional copper distillation system that was used, it was built in 1909, removed from the family during the Communist era and then actually given back to the family by the Bulgarian government. Thank you.

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