Purifi Blend


The earthy and citrusy Purifi Blend is the perfect way to keep your home clean and pure, while also smelling fresh! This mixture of essential oils can purify the air inside, repels insects, helping to fight allergies, respiratory problems, and even signs of aging! Rosemary, Lemongrass, Lavandin, and Citronella all have antimicrobial properties to help reduce airborne bacteria. We then combine the antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities of Tea Tree and Copaiba Balsam, making it the perfect blend to help heal stings and bites.


  • Use 3-4 drops in a diffuser to purify the air
  • Combine with water and vinegar in a spray bottle to clean surfaces
  • Add a few drops to a cotton ball and place in air vent to eliminate odors
  • Dilute with a carrier oil and apply to stings and bites


  • Purify air
  • Repel insects
  • Reduce allergies
  • Relieve stings & bites
  • Eliminate odor
  • Clean surfaces


Copaiba Balsam, Rosemary, Lemongrass, Lavandin, Tea Tree, and Citronella.


Skin sensitivity may occur. Essential oils are highly concentrated and should be diluted before applying directly to skin. Keep out of reach from children. If pregnant or breastfeeding please ask your doctor before use.