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Just the Essentials

  • How to make essential oils
    May 6, 2020

    How to Make Essential Oils

    Alchemy is the ancient art that brought to us the practice of extraction and distillation.  The quest of the Alchemist was the separation and recombination of the most basic elements in nature, as those elements were known at that time; and the recombination of those elements for the creation of things  which have never existed.  Alchemical practice is the foundation of Chemistry.


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  • Spring Diffuser Blends
    April 29, 2020

    Spring Diffuser Blends

    Spring is full of new beginnings. It’s a great time to release negative energy and start fresh. One way we can do this is by diffusing essential oils in our homes. Using a diffuser is a great way to set...

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  • essential oil blends for soap making making soap
    March 14, 2020

    Essential Oil Blends for Soap Making

    Once you are comfortable with the soap making process, you may want to branch out and experiment with different aromas. Essential oils are the best way to naturally scent your soap but picking different oils, determining how much to use, and how to blend them can be a bit daunting.
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  • Essential Oils for Loneliness
    March 1, 2020

    Essential Oils for Loneliness & Fear

    You can fight back against loneliness using many methods, including essential oils in aromatherapy. Essential oils have been known to provide relief from these feelings. They promote feelings of relaxation, mood balancing and can calm the mind during uncertain times.

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