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New Ready To Wear, Roll-On Essential Oils >
New Ready To Wear, Roll-On Essential Oils >
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Last Minute DIY Gifts with Essential Oils

Many of us enjoy going the DIY route for holiday gifts. Whether it be our crafty nature, conscious consumerism, or the necessity for more frugal choices, handmade gifts are a way to participate in the giving nature of the holidays in a way you can feel good about. Sometimes time slips by us during the busy holiday season and it can feel like there is no time left to create thoughtful and fun gifts for those close to us. These quick and easy DIY gifts are a great way to give a handmade gift with just a few supplies and mere minutes of time.

When even last minute DIY gifts are not quick enough, don’t worry! There are many great items that the essential oil enthusiast in your life will love. A Palo Santo necklace or bracelet is a unique gift for those who enjoy the scent and benefits of the amazing wood to carry with them at all times. You can also give your friends the gift of aromatherapy with a home diffuser or an Aroma Companion for diffusing on the go. Kits include the diffuser as well as a selection of popular essential oils for easy gift giving and no guesswork. 

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For your creative and crafty loved ones, try creating a DIY Melt and Pour Soap Kit

melt and pour soap gift essential oils

You’ll Need:

Arrange everything in a cute basket or box and be sure to include a printed or digital copy of this simple recipe. They receive not only the gift of a unique homemade soap but the fun experience of creating it for themselves!

If someone in your life is a fan of natural self care products, this simple Hair Serum is a great gift for them.

hair serum essential oils

You’ll Need:

Add all of the oils to the bottle and shake well to combine. Combine the serum with a beautiful wooden comb or handmade hair accessory for an extra special touch.

A Soothing Linen Spray is a simple and thoughtful way to give someone the gift of a good night’s sleep.

linen spray essential oils

You’ll Need:

Add all ingredients to the bottle and shake well to combine. This makes a great gift for the frequent traveler in your life to help sleep away from home.

Create a Personal Set of Oils for a very personal gift to strengthen the bond between you and a friend.

personal essential oils

You’ll Need:

Pick your three favorite essential oils or blends. Write down the reasons you love each oil and your favorite ways to use them. Pack everything simply in a small box and give the gift of connection to a faraway relative or a friend you can't see as often as you would like.

A Comforting Roll On Bottle is a great way to give a little inner peace to your friend or relative that may be going through a difficult time.

roll on bottle essential oils

You’ll Need:

Add the essential oil blend to the bottle then fill the rest of the way with fractionated coconut oil. Replace roller top and cap and shake to combine.

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