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USB Essential Oil Diffuser

USB Essential Oil Diffuser

You can plug your USB Aroma Diffuser into any USB port; on your laptop or desktop computers, or into the cellphone charger in your car.

Place 2-3 drops of your favorite essential oil or perfume oil onto the tissue paper provided with your diffuser. 

Once your USB Diffuser starts to warm up, the aroma will begin to fill the room.  You can now enjoy benefits of aromatherapy on the go or in your office space.

The perfect travel diffuser.

We've monitored the temperatures of the diffuser.  The maximum temperature we've found is 125º F.  That is below the temperature of distillation, which is about 210º F
It is warm, but not hot.  Just warm enough to volatilize the essential oil.  The therepeutic qualities of our essential oils are not harmed by this low temperature.

We offer wholesale pricing for multiple diffusers starting at 25 units. 

Bulk quantities of 25 units and up for this item do not qualify for our free shipping program; for online orders over $150 in the Continental USA (up to 20 pounds). 

Additional shipping charges apply.  We will contact you with the final total.