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The Compleat Distiller

 The Compleat Distiller by Mike Nixon & Mike McCaw 

There is a growing interest in distillation by those who enjoy making alcoholic beverages, essential oils, botanical extracts and perfumes. 

This book describes the science and the principles behind distillation, the practice of small scale distillation, and several designs for different kinds of stills, all thoroughly tested.

This book is NOT an incitement to those who live in countries where distillation of alcohol is illegal to rush out and break the law. Home distillation of alcohol is an ancient and honored tradition in many parts of the world, and is completely illegal in others. The wisdom (or lack of wisdom) of the laws prohibiting small scale distillation are not a subject for this book. If you live where this enjoyable activity is prohibited, you are free to read about it, but not to actually do it. If you feel that these laws are misguided, contact your representatives and make the case for changing the laws, do not break them.

Distillation techniques and designs that we have only recently developed and which have never before been published, and encourage readers to carry the torch further by using their own ingenuity.

Home distillation is a fascinating hobby, and one which is fertile ground for those who enjoy exercising their ingenuity. It's challenging, and it's fun!