The Essential Oil Company

Square Glass Diffuser Jar With Reeds & 16oz Diffuser Base

Includes our Square Diffuser Jar and a bundle of 10 Natural Bamboo Diffuser Reeds and 16oz Diffuser Base.  

4oz Square Diffuser Jar is made of quality heavy clear glass with a wooden cap, and is equipped with a protective metal ring, and a clear plastic stopper. Approximately 2.75 inches (7 cm) tall by 2.5 inches (6.5 cm) wide. With the plug in place, diffuser base oil can be shipped inside the jar securely.

Natural Bamboo Diffuser Reeds are made using high quality, extremely fibrous bamboo.Our Diffuser Reeds have been tested for the absorption of The Essential Oil Company's Essential Oils, Perfume Oils and specially formulated Diffuser Base Oil. Due to the nature of these quality Diffuser Reeds, your fragrance will be slowly diffused into the atmosphere. 

Diffuser Base Oil is a custom trade secret formulation, designed to blend with our Essential Oils and Perfume Oils. This unique base oil allows the reeds to absorb and diffuse the fragrance into the air, to create a lovely fragrant ambiance. Simply use a mixture of 80-90% Diffuser Base Oil to 10-20% Essential Oil or Perfume Oil. By using our Diffuser Base Oil and Essential oils together, you can design your own diffuser fragrance.

NOTE: This set is unscented. Diffuser base must be blended with essential oils or perfume oils to diffuse.