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Sesame Seed Oil - Sesame Oil

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Sesame Seed Oil Sesamum indicum is known for is use in Asia and Asian foods similar to that of olive oil in the Mediterranean, it is now used worldwide. It is extracted using the cold press method.

Sesame seed oil is commonly used as a flavor enhancer in foods. It also works well in high temperatures making it great for frying. 

This oil is high in antioxidants, calcium, lecithin, vitamin B, and vitamin E. It is used in cosmetics for soothing the skin, moisturizing, and massage. Sesame oil is a carrier oil making it ideal for cosmetics. Sesame oil is also used in industrial products such as for injecting drugs as a solvent, coating grains that are being stored, in paints for lubricants, and for solutions in intravenous drips. Sesame Oil is used in cooking products, cosmetics, and the medical industry.