Sacred White Sage Oil
Sacred White Sage Oil Sacred White Sage Oil Sacred White Sage Oil

Oil of Sacred White Sage Salvia apiana USA Wildcrafted

Distilled by Robert Seidel, Founder of  The Essential Oil Company from wild harvested White Sage. The Sacred Sage of the southwest.

Sacred White Sage Oil is extracted from the herb using the steam distillation. The White Sage herb is traditionally used for ceremonial purposes, smudge sticks and purification.

Sacred White Sage helps to calm the body and mind naturally relieving stress, anxiety, and tension caused by stress. Can be used in a diffuser to get an ambient calming effect.  It is a natural deodorizer and may be used in deodorants, body sprays, perfumes, colognes, air fresheners, soaps, and detergents. Oil of White Sage also repels mosquitoes.

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