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Oak Moss Absolute

Absolute of Oak Moss Evernia prunastri. Morocco and Eastern Europe Wildcrafted.  Also spelled Oakmass

Indispensable to the perfumer. Soluble in alcohol. Having a characteristic "musk-lavender" odor. An excellent fixative, blending well with a wide range of materials especially lavender. It will strengthen and improve a lavender soap scent.

Oak Moss Absolute is solvent extracted from lichen.  It has a brownish color with a very strong  woodsy, wet mossy, and rich aroma.  Because of its very powerful aroma it is recommended to use in small quantities when blending.   Blends well with Lavender, Patchouli, Neroli, Cypress, Vetivert, Geranium, citrus oils, and other earthy scents.  Being an expectorant oak moss absolute breaks up and thins mucus that can effect breathing and other respiratory problems as well as relieves inflammation caused by mucus called a demulcent.  Recommended to those suffering from intense coughing, dry coughing, and inflamed throat.  Most  commonly used in perfume making and blends well in all perfume types.  Can also be used in soap making and hair treatments.  

Avoid usage if pregnant or suffering from epilepsy.  

Oak Moss Absolute has been used in soaps, laundry, cleaning products, air fresheners, potpourri, mouthwash, perfume, tinctures, tonics, massage oils, lotions, hair products, aromatherapy products, body sprays, facial lotions, facial creams, skin care products, toothpaste, muscle pain relief, cosmetics, and other household products. 


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