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Mystical Aromatherapy by Avraham Sand

 Mystical Aromatherapy by Avraham Sand

Mystical Insights into Fragrance

*Spiritual Explorations of the inner secrets of fragrance and the sense of smell

*Unlock the Biblical mysteries of fragrance from the Garden of Eden and ancient Judaic tradition

*Learn about the Holy Temple Incense that induced Prophecy and the Anointing Oil of the Jewish Kings and High Priests

*Imminent recovery of the true Ark of the Covenant by the real-life Indiana Jones

Practical Applications of Aromatherapy

*Valuable tips on the most effective and enjoyable use of aromatic medicine

*Detailed guidelines for using the sense of smell to choose the correct Aromatherapy oils and formulations

*Essential oil formulation secrets for Massage, Bath, Inhalation and Perfume

*Aromatics as a Divine gift of healing and sacred invitation to return to Paradise