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Lanolin Anhydrous Refined

Natural Lanolin Anhydrous Refined

Lanolin Refined comes from the wool of sheep. This waxy viscous substance is also called "wool grease" and "wool fat".

It is a natural protectant wax making it great for industrial uses as well as the leather industry for different lubricants. 

In the industrial field it is commonly used in metal cutting products, polishes, and lubrication grease. When used in a paint product the oil can actually control not only the fluidity of the paint but also the drying time. Lanolin can also be used for cosmetic purposes such as makeup removers, lotions, lipsticks, and makeup. Because of its waxy consistency it is used in hair products for styling and locking in moisture. This oil moisturizes and softens the skin. Its properties can be used in hair products, skin moisturizers, makeup, lubricants for leather and metal cutting, paint and paint products.