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Mom's Signature Scent: Fragrance Oil Gift Set >

Glass Essencier - Essential Oil Separator

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Glass Essencier - Essential Oil Separator

This Essencier (essential oil separator), works with distillers which are 20 Liters or larger. Smaller units do not produce enough essential oil to permit this unit to be completely functional. When used with the 20 Liter unit you may need to do multiple distillations to collect enough oil for the separator to work efficiently.

Before you start your distillation, you should slowly fill the separator with warm water, until the water begins to flow out the "s" shaped tube. This Essencier is especially efficient for water/steam distillation units. Make certain that your Essencier is completely level, otherwise the functionality will be affected.

The essencier is used for separating hydrosols and essential oils during the distillation process. The distillate enters the essencier through the funnel from the condenser of your distillation unit. The essential oil and hydrosols separate passively due to the differential in specific gravity between the "water" and the essential oil.
The hydrosols flow through the "s" shaped tube, while the essential oils flow through the straight tube. A cup can be placed below the straight tube to capture the dripping essential oils. A plastic tube attached to the "s" tube will direct the hydrosols to the container of your choice. Once you are done distilling and if you are not seeing any oil accumulate in the essencier, stop your distillation and repack your distillation unit, and begin a second distillation.
Do not empty the distillate from the Essencier. Just continue distilling your next batch. This will add to the oil that has remained in the Essencier from the previous distillation. Eventually enough oil will accumulate to permit the dripping of essential oils through the straight oil outflow tube, to a cup placed below the spout. The essential oil which remains in the Essencier can be removed using a pipette.
Designed and Patented by Robert Seidel, the Guerilla Distiller. WE DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS ON USED DISTILLATION EQUIPMENT.