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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive Oil - Extra Virgin Olea europaea widely EVOO is used all of the globe for culinary purposes. It is extracted from grinding the olives into a paste. Extra Virgin Olive Oil has less than 0.8% acidity and is said to have a superior flavor. 

Commonly used in Mediterranean dishes it is a healthy alternative to canola or vegetable oil.  Olive oil is associated with healthy eating, and being high in antioxidants.  Low in calories olive oil can be used in cooking almost anything from frying to baking. 

This oil is also widely used in cosmetics because of it moisturizing properties. Many cleansing cosmetics such as soaps, face and body washes have olive oil in it because it lock in moisture and leaves the skin feeling healthy and soft.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been used for culinary purposes, cosmetics, lotions, facial and body cleansers, and soaps.