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Erigeron Oil - Fleabane

Oil of Erigeron Erigeron canadensis  USA  Wildcrafted

Rich in l-limonene. The common name for the herb from which this oil is distilled is Fleabane.

Erigeron Oil is extracted using the entire plant through steam distillation.   Blends well cilantro, citrus oils, spearmint, and cardamom.  Historically the plant was burned by the Native Americans and would eliminate gnats and fleas. 
Known as an insect repellent.  Avoid during pregnancy.

Erigeron Oil has been used in soap making, candle making, air fresheners, deodorizing sprays, massage oils, insect repellent, skin care products, anti-fungals, athletes foot creams, athletes food sprays, athletes foot powders, cosmetics, aromatherapy products, bath oils, creams, lotions, incense, body fragrances, perfumes, mist sprays, diffusers, as a flavoring agent. 


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