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Designing & Building Automatic Stills

 Designing & Building Automatic Stills by Riku 

Straight out of Scandinavia, home of the Nobel Prize, a new book by an expert distiller that deals in detail with cutting edge technology in the world of small-scale distillation Automatic Reflux Control.

There is a fine balance between the expertise of an artisan distiller and the engineering precision of an equipment designer. This book graphically illustrates what can be achieved when both of these skills are combined to produce new and innovative techniques. This is not simply a book on how to push buttons and let automation do the rest. It takes the reader step by step through all the traditional techniques, then shows how they may be simplified and improved by clearly understanding the basic principles underlying the distillation process. For both novice and expert alike, this book opens new horizons for anyone interested in the art of distillation.