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Civet Oil - Artificial

Civet Oil - Artificial, for Perfumery

Civet is an indispensible ingredient in perfumery.  Natural Civet is an animal product.  Although we do not condone the use of animal products in perfumery, we do recognize the importance of this ingredient. In an olfactory sense, Civet Artificial is aroma-identical to the natural material and easier and kinder to use.

Real Civet Oil is obtained from Civet cats.  This may be used as a replacement for the natural product.  The aroma is extremely strong and tenacious. Only very small amounts are needed.

The strong aroma of Civet Oil - artificial is known for its luring effect on the opposite sex, considered an aphrodisiac.  An unpleasant aroma by itself, Civet Oil adds a mysterious note, in creative perfumery.

Civet Oil artificial is used in perfumery, serving as a fixative and base note as a replacement for natural Civet.


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