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Cedarwood Himalayan Oil

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 Oil of Cedarwood Himalayan Cedrus deodora  India Wildcrafted

Deodor Cedar is a true cedar.  Imparts strong pleasant woody notes.

Cedarwood Himalayan Oil is produced in India, extracted from the wood of the tree using steam distillation.  Himalayan Cedarwood Oil offers a very strong woody note.  A woody and dry aroma, with a light spice notes that blend well with citrus oils such as Bergamot and Sweet and Bitter Orange oils.  Cedarwood oils have fixative qualities.

It is said to help keep one mentally clear and focused, and give a sense of well being.   It has healing effects on the skin, recommended for people experiencing dandruff, eczema, dry skin, oily skin, and acne, fungal infections.  It also helps with hair loss which is great for people looking for a natural way to prevent further loss!

Cedarwood Himalayan Oil is famous for helping reduce cellulite with mixed with pink grapefruit and used in a hot towel compress.  

Himalayan Cedarwood Oil has been used in skin care products, hair regrowth, massage oils, aftershave, soap, tonics, great for diffusers, facial steams, shampoos, lotions, facial cleansers, moisturizers.


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