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Castor Oil Refined

 Refined Castor Bean Oil Ricinus communis

Castor Oil Refined Ricinus communis is extracted using the cold press method. This thick oil very similar in viscosity to molasses and is almost odorless. Because it contains ricinoleic acid as well as oleic acid and linoleic acid it helps to fight Rheumatism. This oil fights skin diseases caused by fungal or bacterial infections. Also known for being a lubricant it is widely used in hydraulic and brake fluid, polishes, inks, paints, rubber, caulks, lathers for soaps. It is used in the food industry for candy, flavoring, as a food additive as well as packing. Castor oil is an emulsifying agent as well. For cosmetic purposes it is used in lipsticks, shampoos, and lip balms. Aromatherapy and massage practitioners commonly use this because of its anti-inflammatory purposes such as muscle pain, skin lesions, abdominal complaints, headaches, also as a laxative. Its properties can be used in candy, food additives, soaps products, lubricants, and massage products.