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Sweet Birch Oil

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Oil of Sweet Birch  Betula lenta  USA Wildcrafted

Distilled from the bark and twigs of the Sweet or Black Birch tree.  As with oil of Wintergreen, it is rich in Methyl salicylate.  At one time Sweet Birch was used in making Birch Beer.  Works great for muscle rubs, in soaps and candles. It is also said to repel insects. Do not ingest this oil. 

Produced by steam distillation.  The oil is often compared to Wintergreen, having an aroma that is sweet and fresh.  Historically the oil was used to induce sweating to heat up the body.

Sweet Birch oil is a stimulant, promoting circulation in the body and nervous system.  For this reason it is commonly used in many cosmetics such as soap making, lotions, massage oils, air fresheners, hair products and treatments, and diffusers. 

Sweet Birch Oil can be inhaled, used as a steam for facials, or applied topically. 

Sweet Birch Oil has been used in soaps, massage oils, hair products, lotions and other skin care products, tinctures, hormone balancers, for anti stress and anxiety.


This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.