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Alembic Distillers with Rotating Column - 3 Liter - 5 Liter - 10 Liter - 20 Liter

Alembic Distiller with Rotating / Removable Column and thermometer This beautiful hand hammered copper alembic distiller is made in the traditional alembic form. The design goes back perhaps 2000 years.

Although traditionally used for distilling wine, the copper alembic distiller is well suited as a hydrodistiller for making very small amounts of essential oil. Primarily this distiller is used for making hydrosols in small batches from plants in your garden. 

As with all traditional Alembics, there are no gaskets. Steam leaks are sealed using dough made from RYE flour This distiller is complete with a removable column. The column can be filled with plant material, which enables the distiller to increase the capacity of the plants being distilled, while separating the plant material from the water. This versatile distiller can be used for hydrodistillation, or water / steam distillation.

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Actual shipped distiller may vary slightly from the image.  

Dimensions: Length x Depth x Height

3 Liter: 19" x 9" x 21"

5 Liter: 21" x 9" x 26"

10 Liter: 22" x 9" x 32"

20 Liter: 29" x 15" x 32"  


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