Alambic 80

The Alambic 80 copper still has been meticulously designed and crafted to provide the Master Distiller with a superior too with which to ply their craft. Over 700 pounds of flawlessly crafted copper, a balanced burner system and stainless steel ancillary components, will allow for continuous operation day after day and year after year. This is a traditional cognac distiller.

* The COPPER POT is designed for efficient and effective turn-around time between batches, as well as balanced heating of the distilling material (9 lb/sf - 0.187" copper plate)

* Octagonal insulation shroud is a combination of steel, ceramic and mineral materials

* 400,000 BTU burner system can be fueled by propane or natural gas

* Pot lid includes brass and glass port, pressure relief valve, and two internal sprinkler heads (2) for cleaning
* The hand-spun ALAMBIC hat (chapiteau) has been designed to facilitate the reflux process

* A hand-formed swan's neck connects the pot to the PRE-HEATER

* 4.5 lb*/sf - 0.093" copper
* Integral pre-heater bypass to the condensation tank

* Approximately 9 feet tall with the standard steel stand

* Conveniently located 14-inch access port allows for mixing and cleaning

* Bottom or top fill, temperature gauge, sight glass

* 50 foot (8.75 rotations) copper condensation coil

* 11-gauge stainless steel condensation tank includes the stand, cooling water stand pipe, overflow, drain, upper tank hot water access valve, and hydrometer port

FOB Eugene, Oregon

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