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5 Liter Alquitar Distiller With Sieve

The 5 Liter Alquitar w/ sieve is traditionally used for distilling wine.

This apparatus can also be used for the hydrodistillation of plants for making very small amounts of essential oils , but primarily it is used for making hydrosols.

This alquitar still is composed of a copper pot, riveted union construction, and lid which functions both as vapour chamber and as the condensing recipient and allows for simple and steam distillations. The pot is divided into two parts and contains a sieve that separates the materials from the water. The second part can be removed to perform simple distillations. This is an attractive and functional display piece, all hand hammered in beautiful copper. The capacity for this distiller is 5 liters. Larger Alquitars are available.

As with all traditional Alembics, there are no gaskets. Steam leaks are sealed using dough made from RYE flour.

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Dimensions: H 16" x L 10" x W 8"